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Catherine is Michael's daughter

she was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, November 6, 1993

Catherine in Paris  ·  at home in CH  ·  around Neuchâtel  ·  Swiss mountains  ·  on a farm


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2002: Catherine's first vacation in Switzerland

17 July - 6 August

Catherine with Papi in Paris  (16 & 17 July)

with Eiffel Tower

Mac Donald's ...

candy store

nice barrow

in front of ...

... Notre-Dame

waiting on the boat

sunset in Paris

sightseeing on bus


inside Notre-Dame

metro station

back home in TGV

at home with Papi, Cindy and Withney

welcoming entry door

Catherine's room

watching TV

stop taking photos !

bon appétit !

in the kitchen


Cindy teaches Catherine ...

... how to sow and ...

 ...she loves it !

nice cushion !!!


Wi likes rubans 

fun on on the balcony


in Zurich on visit:


Ernesto, Regula ...

... Gian-Luca and ...

... Findus !

around Neuchâtel


visiting a fisherman's friend

in the botanic garden

with Inès & Victor

Withney relaxes


at the Red Church

in the Red Church

Swiss expo-02

Swiss expo-02

just fun !

Catherine with family in the Swiss mountains


with grandmother ...

... mushroom hunting !

Aug, 1: National Day !

in the cabbin

with cousin Gian-Luca

Papi's car


view from our cabbin

so many mountains

launching rockets

saving the fire

building a ship

in the stabbles

Catherine and Florence on a farm

Catherine and Florence


playing with Barbies


living Barbies !

kittens !

in Papi's trials

digging potatoes

Catherine in Paris  ·  At home in CH  ·  around Neuchâtel  ·  Swiss mountains  ·  on a farm

 in Dominican Republic, Botanic Garden

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